About Paul Harris Fellowships

A Paul Harris Fellow is a distinction shared by men and women in more than one hundred nations, many of whom have made significant contributions to world peace and understanding.

When Paul P. Harris, the founder of Rotary, died in 1947, Rotarians the world over honored this remarkable man by creating this “living memorial” of Paul Harris Fellows.

Contributions made by Paul Harris Fellows make possible scholarships which advance the work of the Rotary Foundation, one of his favorite projects. Contributions also make possible various grant programs that fund World Community Service projects and local projects that are also supported by the Rotary Foundation.

The Rotary Foundation fosters better international understanding by granting scholarships to young men and women throughout the world for study outside their own countries, and by sponsoring exchange groups of young professionals who meet with and learn from their counterparts in other countries.

Anyone who furthers these efforts by contributing, or who has had given in his or her honor or memory, $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation, is named a Paul Harris Fellow.

A Sustaining Member is an individual who contributes or in whose name a minimum of $100 is contributed with the commitment to contribute a total of $1,000 within a ten year period. The Sustaining Member becomes a Paul Harris Fellow when the contribution totals $1,000.

Each Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate, a PHF pin, and  medallion to be displayed.

Boulder City Sunrise Rotary is a leader among Rotary Clubs in foundation achievements. However, our goal is to become a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club!

We are pleased to recognize these Active Paul Harris Fellows:
Andrea Anderson Robert Kenney
Cynthia Anderson Kevin Lampman
Geoff Baughman Richard Loudin
Richard Baughman Fritz McDonald
Harold Begley Robert W. Merrell
Judith Bible John Milburn
Robert Blair Elbert Muncy
Alan Bowman Kevin Nicholson
Jeff Breeden David Olsen
Joshua Brimhall Mark Palm
Darlene Burk Deana Parsons
Amy Carvalho Richard Piliponis
Todd Cook Paul Ruhl
Robert Crow Bret Runion
Donna Draney Douglas Scheppmann
Eric Estes Tony Scheppmann
Robert Ferraro Lynn Schofield-Dahl
Ware Flora Ken Schultz
Brandon Fritch Robert Sears
Marcie Gibson Leslie Shipp
Kevin Gillespie Greg Spinkelink
Dawn Green Victor Thomas
Lee Hagen David Thompson
Paul Hagen Kristine Thompson
Roger C. Hall Roger Tobler
Bert D. Hansen Robert Toth
Warren Harhay Brian Williams
Randall Hees Kendra Wright
Becoming a Member of Boulder City Sunrise Rotary

An important distinction between Rotary and other service organizations is that membership into any Rotary Club is by invitation only.

Potential new members are typically invited by a current member to attend one or more club meetings to learn more about Rotary, after which they may be considered for membership. If you are interested in becoming a Sunrise Rotarian, but do not know any current members, please feel free to contact us by clicking here for more information!

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